Novi Attorney Ronald R. Kilponen focuses in helping protect small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs with tactful use of patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Kilponen believes that defending intellectual property and exclusive rights is the foundation for successful inventors and small business owners who have unique products and services to offer in the marketplace.
The federal Patent & Trademark Office ( only grants patents based on merits of each invention. Kilponen delivers a complete package of legal services to help you tell your unique story.
The following patents are examples of Kilponen’s expertise, knowledge and technical depth:
Patent #DescriptionDocument
D463,223Pizza Server
8,052,129Steel Spring Damper
7,780,377Friction Stabilizers and Roof Bolt Head Markings
7,712,838Ground Support Insertion Tool
7,516,713Hurricane Anchor System
7,461,886Visor Capable of Illumination When Sliding
7,003,992Door Hinge Deadbolt
6,332,252Release Resistant Buckle Cover
5,996,231Scraping Tool With Replacement Blade
5,989,277Surgical Instrument With Offset Jaw Actuator
5,956,799Putty Knife and Scraper Handle
5,916,074Child Safety Window Guard
5,904,383Anti-Theft Bolt Guard
5,857,695Beach Cart
5,800,490Lightweight Portable Cooling or Heating Device with Multiple Applications


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