Novi Attorney Ronald R. Kilponen focuses in helping protect small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs with tactful use of patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Kilponen believes that registering marks in the US Trademark office identifies and distinguishes products and services which provides a competitive advantage to successful inventors and business owners.  A unique and properly used trademark or servicemark can add significant consumer and industry brand recognition to a product or service.

The U.S. Trademark Office ( only allows registration of a mark that identifies and distinguishes the goods & services of one seller from another, and a mark that indicates the source of the goods & services. The following trademarks are examples of marks that Kilponen has successfully registered for clients:
Trademark Registration #DescriptionDocument
3435362Webb Ellis
3025122Sweet Little Piggies
2319808Scout Look
3636835Nano Peen
2162701King’s Arrow Pine
4059845Electric Beach
2610316Doubletake Studios
2378879Buckle Boss
2988540Body Steward


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